It’s a challenge and a thrill to take part in a project so dynamic as Symme3D. This is also one of the startups with the most remarkable growth in Romania and that requires a deep understanding of technology, product execution and business strategy.

Although the communication activities of Symme3D have been started some time before the launch of Digitales, the project has now reached new heights. After validating the first product, Symme3D Original, the first 100% Romanian, multifunctional desktop 3D printer, Symme3D has pivoted towards industries that are in deep need for innovation—biotechnology and manufacturing.

Looking from a wider perspective, our role has been to disseminate business milestones such as expansion to the USA market or the launch of a new product. Although our initial purpose has been to generate brand awareness through digital and traditional media, the fast growth of the startup has required for us to extend our capabilities in order to sustain a brave technology vision.

What’s more, we never miss showcasing Symme3D at industry and community events.

We have validate again our belief that online brand communication is 24/7. Symme3D has earned a supportive audience which has, in time, become a community of 3D printing aficionados, creative engineers and developers, happy clients and supportive friends.

It’s been our first project where the volume of earned content has massively outdone the owned content. Symme3D has joined a myriad of public and private initiatives, has involved in CSR projects and won tech and business competitions that have earned the company the title of ‘innovators’. We’ve been there, too. And we still are.