Our Story with Presslabs


DigiTales Agency and Presslabs collaboration


It’s the afternoon of a dry August day, day one of our collaboration with Presslabs. The company was getting ready to release the 5th version of www.presslabs.com. On this occasion, we were in charge of editing content, checking page titles, keywords, meta descriptions, reassessing the overall website experience for first-time visitors and familiar faces alike. There was pressure in the air, and it was not only because of the heat; the release was due in a few days.

It may sound like the classical client-agency story, but it was far from it. Although we didn’t encounter major, irreparable errors while working on the site, our discussions on the website improvements, as well as our immersion into the product’s capabilities, past history, team, market environment and what not, it became clear to us that we were gazing at an uncut diamond.

After successfully releasing the new site, the situation required us to roll up our sleeves. We spend a couple of months solely on research. Specific to B2B businesses, we had very few assets to count on for quantitative data besides Google Analytics and various Social Media insights; there’s more qualitative data, lots of tested and untested hypothesis with little documentation. Usually, the know-how belongs to the people and their personal experience. What is more, it’s somewhat normal for a niched, B2B market to display rather homogeneous selling proposition and inherently, a modest brand differentiation. Specific to tech & scientific endeavors, our work extends beyond just communication.

This is just the beginning of our collaboration with Presslabs. Watch the tale unfold on our Medium publication.