We just love the fresh enthusiasm of a new entrepreneurial endeavour.

Mavericks is a young digital agency based in Bucharest with a disruptive approach on media performance. Their work is based on data analysis, integrated strategic digital advertising and, maybe most important of all, education. They know and care about what they do and teach others, too.

We do not take the merit for the concept that clearly characterizes their close-to-science, exploratory ways. We just made sure that the website and other additional landing pages would respect the branding concept as well as look neat and user-friendly.

We even played a role in a leads generation strategy that got no less than 200+ applications for an internship position at Mavericks. Conversion solved!

We did our best to offer a visual consistency across all the communication channels. Next stop: Facebook. Templates, ads, GIFs, photo filters—just take a look.

Last but not least, we’ve put our brushes at work for printed materials.