Our first community-driven event— a display of marketing insights

Our first community-driven event— a display of marketing insights

Posted by Andreea Oproiu — Published

Have you heard about Timișoara Online Marketing Meetup? It’s a meetup dedicated to the online marketing passionates or industry affiliates (as its title shows, d’ oh!), created by Banat IT in 2015.

Starting this year, we have joined forces to organize this specific meetup, driven by a desire to create a community around the things we know best.

Why is it important to join a meetup?

First of all, you get a chance to see how this industry looks like from an insightful viewpoint. Most of us deliver our work from behind a screen and beside our colleagues with whom we have the opportunity to share thoughts and concerns regarding our work, we don’t get a real feel of the local industry, and of best or even wrong practices.

At this kind of meetups, you can get in touch with like-minded peers and validate or invalidate some ways of doing things.

“Am I using the right tools to solve certain problems?”

“What budget should I really invest in an online campaign?”

“What is the newest and coolest trend in digital marketing?”

Why did we choose to organize this meetup?

Besides the reasons mentioned above, which also apply to us, as organizers, we really felt the need to bring our work outside of the office and get involved in creating an active community who evolves together through sharing news, knowledge, ideas and curiosities.

And how was our first TOMM?

We can start with the bad part—from our assumptions, the bad weather kept many of the people who signed up to show up at the event. But fortunately, that was the only negative aspect.

The attendees were really involved in the event, asking a lot of questions that led to much more information being revealed, other than Dragoș originally added to his presentation about how to  Grow your start-up through performance media. We had a diverse audience and a nice atmosphere and want to thank everyone for taking part in our first TOMM.

There were funny parts also, as the donuts from Crazy Donut made their presence felt more than in our stomachs and contributed to the participants’ imagination, who used a donut shop as a hypothetical use-case for our performance media scenarios.

What did we learn?

  • The user acquisition stages in detail (from a performance-media point of view)
  • Which ads work best depending on specific scenarios
  • Performance media doesn’t work without online PR (?)

Last, but not least, we want to thank Dragoș Smeu, from Mavericks. The Agency, who transformed our first event into a nice memory. And also for his kind words:

“It was a pleasure talking with a very dynamic crowd who didn’t spare me for one slide 🙂 I met really interested people at TOMM, who had lots of questions about performance media, some of which even I hadn’t asked myself in 10 years experience. I’ll follow you on Instagram and hope future meet-ups will be equally as engaged as the one I was a speaker at. Congrats for the event!”

If you are interested in any of the aspects we detailed in this article, we hope to see you at future TOMMs. Join us as a member on meetup.com, we’re 400+!