Marketers, meetups & SEO explorations

Marketers, meetups & SEO explorations

Posted by Andreea Oproiu — Published

Our TOMM community has started to fall into place, as we’ve reached the third edition of gathering and discussing the latest trends and issues in online marketing. Through these events, we tried to diversify the topics and the speakers’ backgrounds so we can reach conclusions while having many angles of the problem in sight.

TOMM number 3 caught us in the middle of the heat, but still in the quest of expanding our online marketing horizon, with Mihai Jepan, an experienced SEO & SEM Consultant. Thus, we dived into insights about Keywords Research & Segmentation as a Foundation for SEO.

Mihai is an old friend of the online industry, as he has started working in this field since 2004, and he witnessed many changes and experienced what works and what doesn’t, along the way. He initially started as a freelancer with web design, but soon got engaged in online marketing projects. Having an overview of both sides— internet marketing and web development, SEO came as a more natural step to him. He currently offers consultancy on SEO, SEM, Web development & Analytics, as he developed an expertise in these areas.

Mihai’s presentation focused both on the basics and the in-depth steps of SEO. As content creators, we try to take these aspects very much into consideration but often find ourselves in the situation where the strategy we thought-out doesn’t work and we need to “generate new content or adapt the existing one“, as Mihai pointed out. This is also one of the pillars of SEO’s importance.

Also, as marketers, we’re always on the pursuit of improving the user’s experience, and this is one of the main reasons we have to consider performance important. In an era of fast information scrolling every day in front of us, the users are picky with the materials they choose to give attention to, and thus we have to always improve our content and strategy. From Mihai’s point of view, it’s really important to present relevant information and CTAs, especially on mobile, which is the leading platform. 

“I consider TOMM to be exactly what the marketing & digital community in Timisoara needs. You can see that the team behind this meetup is very passionate about what they’re building up and this event can represent an added value for the participants, without a doubt. I was pleased that the official Q & A session continued also unofficially on the welcoming terrace of Ambasada, with good questions. I hope that it will be my turn to contribute with relevant queries at future editions.” says Mihai Jepan.

Judging by the feedback received from our attendees, the topics and speakers who were present so far are suitable for their needs and expectations, so we’ll try to keep the pace with this. Most of the desirable topics mentioned by them (which we’ll try to address at future events) are around social media marketing and SEO. If you have some other proposals, our feedback form is still open. 

If you’re curious to see how the last TOMM unfolded, you can have a sneak peek here. And if you want to join us at future meetups, become a marketer on, so you can receive the latest updates. Join ? TOMM