How to build a landing page that communicates value

How to build a landing page that communicates value

Posted by Andreea Oproiu — Published

—Ideation Workshop at TOMM

Have you ever thought of the first impression people get when interacting with your products or services? Living in an online era, the place where visitors get their first taste of what a company has to offer is on their landing page. If you think first impressions matter, it’s time to dedicate more time and interest to make them as efficient as possible.

At TOMM #6, we thought it’s time to go back to basics and really dive deep into them. More specifically, we organized a workshop dedicated to landing pages and all the thought process behind them so that their deliverance is the most professional outcome. 

The “Ideation Workshop: Build a Landing Page that Communicates Value” took place last month and we had two dear industry-colleagues from Cluj-Napoca by our side. Together we followed most of the important steps in creating the “perfect” landing page.

Landing pages play an important role in the relationship with your users/ customers, as they’re a bridge from simply visitors to potential leads. They should be used to warm up your visitors about your product and services, by focusing on the most important aspects. To understand better their roles and how we can use them at their whole potential, our first TOMM workshop was divided into two core parts:

  • Part 1: the marketing & communication, where you define the business name, the USPs, features, benefits and describe the onboarding process and contact options
  • Part 2: the ideation & design, where you determine the suitable structure, design, CTAs and actions on-page, using friendly and fun ideation exercises taken straight out of the Design Sprint process 

The marketing & communication track was led by our colleague Anna Maria Radu, who designed specific and time-measured exercises that helped the participants not only realize the importance of mapping out every aspect of their business but also come with some creative answers. 

The steps taken in this part of the workshop were:

  • Mapping out
  • Naming
  • Tagline
  • Goal
  • Target audience
  • Message
  • Positioning
  • Onboarding process
  • Trust elements
  • Contact

The ideation & design part was led by our guests from Cluj-Napoca: Raz Burciu and Ana Maria Oarga, who are the founders of Just Mad agency. Blending perfectly with the first part of the workshop, the exercises composed by the #madduo were like the natural following actions that need to be taken in this process.

Raz & Ana engaged the public in a series of creative brainstormings within their teams and in individual thought-processes, in order to “squeeze” the best out of a landing page’s design. 

How can we:

  • Communicate what our service is offering?
  • Make people understand it’s more convenient to use our service than washing their clothes at home? (the landing page on which the participants worked on was dedicated to laundry service)
  • Allow people to initiate an order?
  • Show people that we’re different than other services?
  • Build trust within our customers?

Following this streamline of questions and with the help of the creative exercises conducted by our mentors, the TOMM #6 teams developed their own customized and highly efficient landing pages that can now easily turn into real businesses. 

There were pitches, there were drawing, there was a blast. We want to thank every one of our participants for putting their minds into this workshop and following the best output.

“The best way to learn something is by doing it yourself… Not just by reading slides and watching stage talks. Partnering up with the DT team lead to a masterpiece of a workshop, and you could feel the amazing vibes in the room. Bravo, team!” Raz Burciu & Ana Maria Oarga from JustMad

We’re continuing our marketing explorations in November also, this time with a focus on data. Check our next TOMM to see if it suits your interests ? TOMM #7