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  1. A new word composed of two words, ‘digital’ and ‘tales’ that illustrates the process of sending a message across multiple online communication channels
  2. The name of our agency (yes, we've made up this word)


There are more than 4 million apps available for download as you read this. Where is yours? We offer creative solutions for the IT & C industry.
Our role is to find answers to this kind of questions.
Understand, adapt, create. The online is a big world; let us guide you.

We create and share genuine brand stories by using the latest, yet most efficient visual and content marketing strategies, tools and channels. Once the plot is complete, we top it off with consistent PR and communication activities.


Make sure that your company values, mission and vision sync with the brand’s look & feel.


It’s not just an app, it’s an experience. Let’s make it remarkable.

PR & Communication

Connect with your audience. Nurture your company’s reputation. Get the highest ROI.


Market research and digital strategies to reach your audience. Find what suits your needs.



One of the few startup stories we’ve been watching in awe while unfolding—a story about people, culture and a strong urge to surpass the industry norms.

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We’ve been actively involved in the rebranding process and online communication campaigns for one of the leading technology events in Eastern Europe.

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From an experiment to one of the most successful startups in Romania—we’ve joined their journey all the way through. Our job: understand high-tech and share the news through strategic PR & marketing activities.

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You know a real media performance agency when you spot one. We’ve brushed our graphic design skills to give a nice look & feel for a user-friendly website and various marketing materials.

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It’s one of those moments when powerful brands bring opportunities closer to upcoming ones. We have spread the word about some of biggest business accomplishments in the history of Movidius: a $40 mil investment and the launch of a revolutionary technology.

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That word that’s part of the brief when communicating for German technologies—hochwertig. Challenge: align to the brand strategy of the company to reflect its values through copywriting and UI/ UX.

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We chose the semicolon as a symbol that would drive further our brand communication philosophy. From a punctuation standpoint, a semicolon brings together dependent clauses that convey an unitary meaning.

Online communication is 24/7. In today’s fast-paced business environment, a blooming business does not afford a period. Therefore, we want to make sure that the brands we foster adapt to the digital medium when sharing their stories.

DIGITALES is a young digital PR agency with a strong focus on the tech industry. Our team is made of bold millennials that want to provide the upcoming tech brands what they lack: a compelling brand story shared with a relevant, action-driven audience.

Although every project is unique, we use specialized frameworks to find the what and the how. We combine a diverse skillset inside our team that allows us to get a holistic view on the businesses we work with—thorough market research, competitive branding, strategic communication plans, articulated campaigns and more.

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Timișoara, Romania
Email: office@digitales.co